Sharing, caring and vice versa
Monday, November 17th, 2014

I remember the day I wrote the first text for this blog about one year ago. I called it 'Ready or Not' while I was sitting in an airplane, leaving and wondering if I was ready for this long journey.

While I’m writing this, I’m sitting in my home in Munich. It's the same apartment where I stayed for two and a half months before I started my trip. When I left, I said goodbye to most of my friends at the Octoberfest, dressed up in my traditional bavarian lederhosen. The same event that I came back to and welcomed everyone again. Before the trip the time was a bit hectic ... organizing, preparing and getting rid of things. Now I’m getting everything back in place. What I want so say is, all these memories feel a little bit like it was yesterday. So much is like it used to be, it feels like nothing really changed and I had a long dream that I just woke up from.

‚Back to reality‘ is a cliche term many people use when they come home after a long trip like this. Back to the daily routines and duties as we have in our society. Things that are common and necessary to make a living. And even if our lifestyle over the last year was very different .. it was as true and real as anything. Even if it felt like being in a adventure movie many times, it never was. Nothing was planed really, so much of it spontaneous. Its such a beautiful world we live in and we all can use. 

And still, sometimes when I hear and see about things that happen far away, it’s often hard to relate to it. I mean, every day we see pictures from other parts of the world. Different cultures, different people, different ways of life. Good and bad. So far away from my life at home that it sometimes feels like it doesn't concern me enough. But what I finally came to understand on this trip is, its never really too far away. Things are often closer linked together than we think they are.

Before I started I thought about all the cool places we are going to visit and all the cool things we are going to do. And we did visit many of these places and did a lot of cool things. But after all, the greatest moments I had on this trip, were because of the people around me. And again it sounds cliche but the people really made my trip. Total strangers when we first met, sharing their homes with us. Friends we made, sharing their lives with us. Making these experiences together and not alone is what made it so great. Standing on top a world class AK line is amazing, but whats even more amazing is standing on top of it together. Surfing good waves is lots of fun, but surfing it with friends is what makes it the most fun to do! Sharing live and stories with other people on this planet is the greatest thing we have. For me its the people I met who made this a tour through paradise.

Thanks to anyone following this project. I hope you liked the pictures and gained some inspiration from it. Thanks to everyone who helped us out with anything & anywhere. Without you it would have not been the same! I miss those times already but like Richard used to say; If you find those moments .. they last forever.