A travelblog by Marco Smolla and Philipp Strauss. The two of us have been shooting Snowboardmovies with Isenseven for the past 8 years. The process of filming for your own movie part is a very exciting and challenging goal which has taught us many lessons and formed our personality. Therefore traveling has become an essential part of our lives.

Now we have dedicated ourselves to a new passion: we want to travel the world without any schedule. Oneway tickets only. Nothing but a backpack, surf- and snowboards.

We want to surf waves on lonesome Pacific Islands, experience the buddhistic culture of northern India and snowboard deep powder lines in Northern America. Most of all we want to be open for all these little adventures that happen along the way. Plans change just as our personalities do. That’s what keeps life exciting.

Stolen Paradise. Is there a paradise? Somewhere? And how could it be taken from us? Should not everyone have the right to live in paradise with unrestricted pursuit of happiness?

The ideal of a paradise has been anchored in people’s minds for milleniums. While dreaming about a place of unlimited joy is merely human desire, this blog will portray the pure reality of the world we are living in. Sometimes this might look like paradise, sometimes it might appear very different than the ideal picture of a paradise. Our journey is not about finding the perfect beach or the deepest powderline. It is about experiencing the world in all its varieties.